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The new Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer is out.

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The Lone Ranger is an American hero. An icon of American culture.

Most famously played by Clayton Moore in the TV series, a new Lone Ranger movie is also in the works.

Here you will find a directory and catalog to Lone Ranger collectible items, made possible with our official affiliation with e*Bay.

Everything from posters and pictures to buttons and pins to costumes and masks to toys and figurines.

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Need a gift idea for your favorite Lone Ranger fan?

Consider these wonderful and unique ideas:
- An autographed Lone Ranger picture by Clayton Moore.

- A Lone Ranger figurine, doll, or action figure ready for display.

- The Mask. Yes, everyone needs the Lone Ranger mask.

- Combine it with more iconic outfit pieces, such as the Lone Ranger's hat, gun, and boots.

- A Silver Bullet.
The Lone Ranger is a true American legend. From the old west, he and his Indian sidekick Tonto fought bad guys where ever they found them.

Some favorite sayings:
Quimo Sabe - Tonto referring to the Lone Ranger as his trusted friend.

Hi Yo Silver, Away - Heard as the Lone Ranger left the scene towards the sunset.

"Who was that masked man, anyway?" - Another new friend of the Lone Ranger.
The Lone Ranger is not just any hero, but a hero to be admired. Following a moral code, the Lone Ranger sets an example of living right and doing right. Just another reason why everyone loves the Lone Ranger and he has endured for so many decades.