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Lone Ranger Watch

Some of the Lone Ranger watches made over the years:

This is the hard to find Bradley Lone Ranger wrist watch in its original packaging. "A western watch for youngtimers" it will put your child on Bradley time.

A related product from Bradley is this original alarm clock, also shown in its original packaging:

Fossil created this nice watch. It features the Lone Ranger in a yellow shirt on Silver, showing Hi-Yo Silver!

A really nice collectible is this Lone Ranger pocket watch. It originally came in a tin that looks like a book. The tin measures about three and three quarters inches by four and one quarters inches in size.

The graphics and detail on the outside, and the inside of the watch are wonderful. It almost makes you want to go back to using pocket watches.

Golden Books has done more than print books. Oddly, they also have some watches, including this 1995 Lone Ranger Watch.

This watch has a black plastic case, buckle and strap. It is 33 mm in size. The official Golden Books logo is engraved on the stainless steel backside.

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Character Watch, Circa 1939, Working, New Haven, 1st Issue

HI-YO SILVER! 1994 limited edition Fossil Watch with scarf NWT

Fossil Made, " " Leather Band Watch, Limted Edition 661 of 10K $99


From the Lone Ranger's Moral Code: I believe that all things change but truth, and that truth alone, lives on forever.

Fossil Watch Limited Edition w/ Bandana & Mini Lunchbox. VG Cond

Clark Bar Certificate for Watch

One of the rules for the show is the Lone Ranger is never captured or put in a position where he could be unmasked.

Old 1950's WESTERN Toy SET - Watch Badge & style Mask

From the Lone Ranger's Moral Code: I believe that sooner or later...somewhere...somehow...we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken.

New Disney Wrist Watch

LONE RANGER 60's Mask and badge,WATCH!

1955 AD 2 Page Davy Crockett Luch Kit Book Bag Watch Guitar Blanket

Old 1950's WESTERN Toy SET - Watch Badge & style Mask


Trivia: Kemo Sahbee means trusted friend.

LONE RANGER 50's Mask and badge,MISSING watch

1939 AD Hi Ho Silver Pocket Watch Mickey Mouse Wrist

1941 ADVERT New Haven Pocket Watch Fob Donald Duck Mickey Mouse

1940 Pocket Watch Pistol Fob ADVERTISEMENT

1938 ADVERTISEMENT New Haven Lapel Watch Mickey Mouse Popeye

1939 AD Dick Tracy Orphan Annie Wrist Watch Pocket Watch

1940 AD PPocket Watch New Haven Railroad Calendar Pentagon

1941 AD Dick Tracy Wrist Watch Orphan Annie Pocket

Old Vintage 1950's WESTERN Toy SET - Watch Badge & style Mask

Old Vintage 1950-60's WESTERN TOY SET - Watch, Badge & Like Mask

Tonto LEGO Minifigure 79108 Pocket Watch Knife 79109 79110 79111

Collectible Wrist Watch Tin

NEW Lego Lot/2 Minifig POCKET WATCH 1x1 GRAY TILES w/Clock Chain -

NEW Lego Minifig POCKET WATCH 1x1 Printed Gray TILE w/Clock Chain -